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Beautiful Dental Implants in Lawrenceville

At Dental Images of Gwinnett, we offer effective implant solutions for patients who may be suffering from broken or missing teeth. Our skilled dental team has years of clinical experience providing beautiful and long-lasting dental implants that will reinvigorate your smile from an aesthetic, functional, and health perspective. We offer a broad range of tooth implant options and pretreatments to produce lasting results and restorations that look and feel natural.

Our reliable dental implants in Lawrenceville are backed by advanced in-house technology, which excels at keeping you safe, relaxed, and satisfied with your experience. Our restorations are personalized to fit your unique oral structure and deliver results that will leave you with a vibrant smile. Contact our practice today and schedule a consultation!


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for restoring missing or damaged teeth from root to crown. Our dentists will surgically place the implant post into your jawbone, which is made from body-safe materials like titanium. Next, we attach the abutment to the post, where your custom-made artificial tooth replacements will be processed in a lab and positioned atop the abutment by our focused dentists.

Our practice is equipped with advanced technology like CBCT scanners and computer-guided surgical capabilities to boost the accuracy of the surgery from a diagnostic and execution viewpoint. We leverage our high-tech tools and years of experience performing dental implant services to provide reliable procedures without ever skimping on the quality of results.

Do I Need Tooth Implants?

The benefits of dental implants go beyond aesthetic appeal by also improving basic day-to-day functions like biting, chewing, and talking. Dental implants are an effective solution that is commonly used to fix bite-related issues and possible oral health complications caused by missing, damaged, or impacted teeth. Here are some signs that dental implants could be the right choice for your situation:

  • You have missing or broken teeth
  • You're suffering from a tooth infection and need an extraction
  • You have a sunken-in facial appearance due to jawbone recession
  • You have difficulty chewing or talking because of missing teeth
  • You're looking for a durable tooth replacement with hassle-free maintenance

Our Extensive Restoration Options

Our trusted and compassionate dentists will evaluate your situation and recommend which dental restoration option is the right choice for you. We utilize advanced diagnostic technology to render detailed images of your oral structure to best customize your tooth implants for accurate results. We can offer multiple dental restoration options based on your needs, which include:

  • Dental Crowns: Crowns are prosthetic caps used to replace a single missing or damaged tooth when placed onto an implant post. They boast a natural appearance by matching the color, shape, and size of the adjacent teeth for a beautiful look that fits naturally into your smile.
  • Dental Bridges: A dental bridge replaces a row of missing teeth or a bothersome gap in a single procedure by anchoring two crowns to implant posts with one artificial tooth suspended in the middle. Dental bridges are a convenient and reliable treatment that can also keep teeth from shifting out of alignment.
  • Dentures: A denture is an oral appliance that replaces multiple missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. Implant-supported dentures are also a swift solution for preserving the jawbone from deteriorating by supplying the necessary bite pressure. Our dental practice offers the full range of implant options, from partial or complete dentures. All of our dentures are custom crafted to fit securely and comfortably to your oral structure and withstand years of repeated use.
  • All-On-4®: We can offer the All-on-4 dental implant technique that utilizes four posts to completely rehabilitate an entire arch of missing teeth. Most All-on-4 dental implant procedures can restore an entire arch of teeth almost immediately after surgery for a permanent and comprehensive solution.

Preparing You for Dental Implants

Our skilled dentists will evaluate your oral condition to confirm whether you're a good candidate for the dental implant process. We will carefully check your oral health to determine if you require preliminary treatments before the surgery. Our preliminary services include:

  • Extractions: If we determine that a tooth cannot be saved or you need a weak tooth removed to make space for a larger implant restoration, our skilled team can carefully extract it before offering our broad range of tooth replacement options and implant services.
  • Bone Grafting: If your jawbone is too thin or weak to support an implant post after years of repeated use, we can provide bone grafting procedures to ready you for a successful surgery. This procedure will transplant a small amount of bone to your upper or lower jaw, increasing the bone density and building a sturdy foundation for the titanium post to become a permanent part of your smile.
  • Sinus Lifts: If we find there isn't enough room in your upper jaw to properly transplant sufficient bone, we can perform a sinus lift procedure. This moves or lifts the sinus membrane upward to help make ample room in the upper jaw for the placement of bone to support the implant.

Reliable & Long-Lasting Dental Implants in Lawrenceville

At Dental Images of Gwinnett, we offer reliable dental implant services that will work to restore your smile from a functional and aesthetic standpoint, guided by our comprehensive approach to oral wellness. Our skilled dentists and trusted staff utilize advanced technology and years of experience to provide a broad range of tooth implant options and efficient pretreatments to help ensure you're enjoying your natural-looking restorations after years of repeated use.

Let our practice provide reliable dental implants in Lawrenceville that will work to transform your smile from an aesthetic, functional, and health perspective. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!