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At Dental Images of Gwinnett, we're pleased to be your dependable modern dental office in the heart of Lawrenceville, GA. Our dedicated team offers dental care that helps to keep your smile radiant and healthy. One of the primary concerns of our dentists is providing services that prioritize your comfort and convenience.

Whether we provide a simple cleaning or transform your smile with our cosmetic dental services, you can trust we'll personalize our services to fit your needs. We blend experience and skill with cutting-edge technology and a gentle touch, creating a positive dental experience that provides for your diverse oral health needs. Contact our team today to get the Lawrenceville dental services you need.

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At Dental Images of Gwinnett, we take a patient-centric approach, focusing on your unique dental needs and goals. Our comprehensive services include:

We've equipped our Lawrenceville dental practice with state-of-the-art technology, including digital x-rays and intraoral scanners to get a precision look at your teeth and jaw. Our technology is geared toward helping you experience efficient, seamless care designed to produce better results more quickly.

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At Dental Images of Gwinnett, you can rest assured you'll be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve. Our highly skilled team is committed to promoting your oral health and well-being in all that we do. We're passionate about caring for the residents in Lawrenceville and the surrounding communities and want everyone to have the care they need.

From extensive sedation options to a dedication to creating a welcoming atmosphere, we aim to help your smile shine. Our practice is pleased to accept a wide range of insurance plans and offer payment plans to get you the care you need, We look forward to meeting you and learning how we can help you get the smile you've always wanted. Contact our team today and discover dental excellence in Lawrenceville.


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Crowns and Bridges in Lawrenceville, GAA crown is a restoration placed over a prepared tooth to protect and restore it to its standard shape and size. At Dental Images of Gwinnett, when a tooth is cracked, has a large cavity, or has had a previous large filling, a crown may be placed over it to help restore its strength and improve its function. While a bridge replaces one or more missing teeth with artificial replacement teeth called a pontic, a crown is often used in conjunction with the bridge to hold the bridge in place.  Dental CrownsThe...

General Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GAGeneral dentistry keeps teeth healthy and prevents issues from arising in the mouth through routine cleanings and exams. At Dental Images of Gwinnett, our dentists can spot common problems and intervene before the condition worsens and lead to tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease. General dentists provide preventative care to keep patients’ smiles healthy and strong throughout their lifetime. Good oral hygiene habits at home are necessary to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, even the most...

Dentures in Lawrenceville, GAWhat are Dentures?A denture is a removable oral appliance that is worn to replace missing teeth. They are constructed from acrylic resin, which mimics the appearance of gum tissue while providing a strong base for the prosthesis. Partial And Complete DenturesThere are two main categories of dentures: partial and complete.Patients who are missing some teeth may opt for partial dentures. These appliances are designed to fill in the gaps in smiles while promoting proper chewing function and speech articulation. Partial...

Dental Implants in Lawrenceville, GAAt Dental Images of Gwinnett, a dental implant is a small titanium post that replaces the root structure of your missing tooth. The implant is surgically placed into your jawbone, and the bone fuses to the implant in osseointegration. Once the bone has healed around your new tooth root, an abutment is attached to the top of this implant post. Your restoration is then attached to the abutment. Dental implants are the only restorative dentistry treatment that replaces your tooth’s root and crown. Because dental...

Sedation Dentistry in Lawrenceville, GASedation dentistry refers to any dental treatment or procedure that includes the use of sedative medications to help patients relax during their visit. From mild to deep sedation, there are many ways your dental team can help you experience less anxiety and feel more at ease during your appointments.If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist or have put off important dental care due to fear, talk to your dentist about how sedation dentistry can help ease your nerves. It’s never too late to consider...

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