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Are you familiar with what a toothache is and what you can do to prevent them from destroying your smile? Because toothaches often arise as infections caused by oral health risks, you will need to make sure to look for any symptoms that a toothache is present and have it professionally treated immediately. Common signs and symptoms, as well as risk factors associated with toothaches, include the following:

  • If an area in your mouth continues to exhibit pain up to a full 24 hours after an extraction has been given, a toothache may be present.
  • If you continue to feel pain even after using medications and pain relievers, it could be linked to underlying ailments such as a toothache.
  • Several visual clues including noticeable discharge, facial rashes and oral inflammation are all commonly associated with toothaches.
  • If you have ever suffered from an oral accident, injury or TMJ disorder, it may give rise to a toothache.
  • Unexplained fevers may often be linked to the presence of an infection in a tooth.

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