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The majority of people brush their teeth once or twice a day. This is mostly a good thing! Making a habit of brushing is a great way to protect your teeth from decay. The one problem with something becoming a habit is that we do it with very little thought. This is why it’s a good idea to occasionally be reminded about proper brushing techniques.

First, avoid using wide side-to-side strokes as they can be abrasive to your gums and may cause damage. In addition, wide strokes make it hard to reach some areas in the mouth. Instead, hold your brush at a 45-degree angle and make small circles while brushing your teeth. Also, you may want to begin your brushing by starting in a different area each time to avoid your habits from becoming ingrained.

On average, people spend less than a minute, but your dentist recommends you brush for at least two minutes. It may seem like a long time, especially for children, but it increases the effectiveness of your brushing.

Take precautions when you purchase your toothpaste. Some can be very harsh on your teeth, especially those that claim to be whitening them. Your best bet is to stick to a normal fluoride toothpaste. You can talk to Dr. Barry Malkiel about the best whitening products.

Being effective in your brushing will go a long way protecting your teeth from gum disease and tooth decay. For more information call Barry E. Malkiel, DDS in Lawrenceville, Georgia, today.